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Welcome to my page! I'm just here to enjoy the lovely artwork and submit some fanfiction for fun. I collect a lot of things too so I may upload some pictures as well. I'm a avid reader of lots of genres. And a writer of mostly Paranormal Romance. I love me some Pokemon it is my drug of choice. Well that and nail polish, handbags, books, lingerie- I have a few vices I guess but none of which are harmful to my health. My wallet on the other hand...

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Classic rock, pop, 90's
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano
  • Mood: Affection
  • Listening to: 'Carousel' Vanessa Carlton
  • Reading: 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Face
  • Playing: Pokemon (always!)
  • Drinking: Ice Blue Gatorade
I originally decided to join this site to enjoy some fanart etc. Once upon a time, I did try my hand at drawing but I didn't keep at it. But what I did write was fanfiction. Pokemon, DBZ, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing... But then I went through this phase where I shredded all of my fanfiction because I was the only one who ever read them. I really kind of regret that now as I had some pretty long and elaborate stories that I just threw away. With a little editing, I could have put them up for others to enjoy. But what's done is done.

In my time since then, I have been working on writing several books (Adult and YA) mostly Paranormal Romance. But the fanfiction was always there in the back of my mind. I got into new animes and mangas but I remembered all those words and hard work I had destroyed in the past so I never wrote anything down.

But Pokemon let me kind of live in a fanfiction. I created storylines within the games between myself as a trainer and the friendship my Pokemon and I shared with each other and amongst themselves. I enjoyed creating their back and likes/dislikes. Each Pokemon friend that helped me along the way was special. Even without writing down our memories, I could still recall all the battles, victories, defeats. Maybe that sounds silly, but Pokemon was the first video game I ever played. And kept on playing.

Around the time I shredded my fanfiction, I kind of fell out of my Pokemon phase. Thankfully, instead of getting rid of all my Pokemon stuff, I boxed it away and stopped keeping track of the game releases. But then a few years later, I was given a copy of Sapphire. Out of boredom one day I started playing it. I didn't know who half the Pokemon were so I gave them funny nicknames. Just like that the magic was back. My team and I stomped across Hoenn and I created their stories and our adventures. But life got in the way again and I didn't play very often. Though happily Sapphire made me realize that I didn't want to cast aside the Pokemon trainer inside of me. I kept better track of my old Pokemon memorabilia.

And then I saw it. The remakes of Silver and Gold. Original Silver was the first game I remember playing well. I was a little young in my Red and Yellow games and I would always get pummeled by the Elite Four and lose all my money. But Silver, those were the glory days. I knew all the Pokemon. My team was finally good enough not to die all over the place. I had a level 91 Houndoom that I trained up that high without the use of Rare Candies or any cheats. When I saw the SS/HG let your Pokemon follow you as Pikachu did in Yellow, I was sold. I played the game so much on my friend's old DS that I ended up investing in a red DSiXL. I could migrate my old Hoenn friends from Sapphire (thanks to the dual slot on the old DS) to finally walk beside me in SS.

Then I discovered I had completely missed Sinnoh so I had to pick up Diamond. I hadn't even realized there was an Emerald so I grabbed that as well and played through catching only female or no gender Pokemon just for an extra challenge. I went and caught the Regi and Rayquaza on Sapphire since when I played I didn't use a guide or anything so I had no idea how to find them. I found out about the fun of playing the game EVing for the Battle Areas or the excitement of a Nuzlocke. I bought another copy of Sinnoh (Pearl) just for a Nuzlocke which I am taking my time playing through. I knew they had gotten me back when I got excited about B/W almost a year before they came out! I had my entire team planned out and then had to get used to calling them by their English names instead of the Japanese ones I'd learned. And then, after beating White's main story, I grabbed a copy of HG that I am currently playing (along with Pearl Nuzlocke). SS/HG are my favorite games and I am so happy they found their way back into my life. Now if only there was a way to transfer my level 91 Houndoom from original Silver.... Impossible I know but I can wish.

So after all this rambling, I want to say thank you to my starters. In my fanfic, I am going to try and honor all the team members that made a difference, but for this journal, I wanted to start with the ones I met first. At the beginning.

Red~ Squirtle
Yellow~ Pikachu
Silver~ Totodile
Sapphire~ Mudkip
SoulSilver~ Chikorita
Diamond~ Turtwig
Emerald~ Mudkip
Pearl~ (Nuzlocke) Chimchar
White~ Oshawott
HeartGold~ Cyndaquil

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